About me

Hi, I’m Martina! Visual and Interaction Designer and ever-changing hobby crafter (if that even exists).

My work focuses on creating digital interactive experiences that have a meaningful purpose. I enjoy designing websites and apps, to create physical experiences where people engage with technology and to speculate about random topics.

I am very proud to have been able to display one of my projects at Sónar+D (Barcelona), Global Grad Show (Dubai), and Mobile Week (Barcelona). They even talked about me and I got interviewed on the news, a tv show, and in several newspapers and blogs! Crazy times.

After graduating from Graphic Design and Visual Communication, I took a master’s in Advanced Interaction, where I learned from 0 how to code, and how to make art with electronics. I am currently teaching a little of what I learned in this online STEAM community that I created. Join us 😉

I am originally from Barcelona and Mallorca, but you will also find me every summer in Cádiz. Even having been born in the area with the nicest people and weather of southern Europe, I tend to choose north. I have lived in London and I spent many summers in Oxford, and I am currently living in Munich working for an amazing consultancy.