Hunky Monkey

A two-player level game made with Processing hacking a water gun.

The concept

Playful interaction – to interact with tech using ordinary toys.

The process

We choose 2 water guns that we hacked attaching a LED and a battery to each one of the controllers.

In order for Processing to recognize each controller as a different player, player 1 had a blue LED, while player 2 had an orange LED.

The game

This is a computer/laptop game that requires a webcam.

To play, shot the hacked water gun in order to have light from the LED. The webcam recognizes the light of each player, which works as a pointer destroying the elements of the canvas as you “paint” on them.

The story of the game is quite random. There’s a monkey who loves cupcakes, but he lost his glasses, so he couldn’t see properly, and somehow got trapped on a cage. Probably because some evil ants wanted to eat the cupcake (?).

The game starts with a screen that instructs the players how to proceed to start the game by pressing space:

The aim of the game is to “colour” all the canvas so the monkey gets all the bananas to free him from the cage.

Now that the monkey is free, he finally gets his glasses back and he is trying to drive away the ants that have been annoying him so much.

When the ants are gone, he finally can get to eat the cupcake and it is all unicorns and rainbows!

Terrible story, but fun.

Here’s the demo:

And here’s a short video of us testing it:

Hunky Monkey is a project made by Maria Abou, Andrea Montero, Gustavo More, and me during the Master in Advanced Interaction, IAAC (2018) for the Playful Interaction seminar by Mónica Rikić.