An installation of light and water that invites you to reflect in an intimate way.

The concept

Based on water and light as the most primitive things in the world, beautiful reflections would be generated in a dark room; creating a visual hierarchy that would draw all the attention to them. As the moon itself.

Water and light reflection

The moon as the first source of light with the sun, and one of the most symbolic element for the human being and the Earth, is the aesthetic and conceptual reference for this installation.

The Moon affects our feelings and emotions, and is strongly related to the sea tide. Its importance to almost every culture and religion around the World is clear.

In the Wicca, a Pagan new religious movement, the moon is recognized and honored as the ‘’Triple Goddess’’. 

This deity consists of three aspects: The Maiden, Mother and Crone. Each of them represent the energy of the major stages in life corresponding to the three phases of the moon: waxing, full and warning.

‘‘The Triple Goddess’’, unknown artist.
Conceptual map

The installation

Based on the three phases of the moon, three circular sculptures would be held from the ceiling at 2.5m from the floor. A projector would be located above each structure. Its projections, mapped as the structure’s shape, would be visible on the floor, being distorted by the waves of the water. 

Each structure would have different patterns related to the three aspects of life according to the Triple Goddess. The first one consists of brave waves, a state of youth, enthusiasm; the second one moves in a spiral, as the stability in life. The third one consists of subtle waves, as the end of the cycle of life. 

Skywater diversifies and reacts to the users’ movement through a carpet with pressure sensors beneath.

Its main purpose is to invite the users to interact with each phase, moving and stepping on a carpet that would control the velocity of different motors. Those will activate the water inside the sculptures, generating a new patterns of water with every step. The reflections will reassemble and disperse as the cycle ends. 

There would be an ambient sound of water drops to intensify the emotions that water could generate. 

The Installation will take place at IaaC’s P59 building main hall,The space will be covered with black fabrics in order to obtain a dark cube to intensify
the spot lights coming from the sculptures. 

Render of the installation

Detail of the structure

Render of the installation

Technical drawings

Dimensions of each mini pool

Arduino schematics and sensors

To build a mini pool, we would need the following elements:

Skywater is a project made by Agustina Palazo, Nima Fatemi, and me during the Master in Advanced Interaction, IAAC (2018).