The future of Omnichannel (W.I.P)

Walking down a very commercial street in Seville I started thinking about the future of advertising when AR glasses will be as established as smartphones. That’s the next step. Just as we don’t all have smartwatches (I bought my first Apple watch two months ago), AR glasses will have a slow adoption, but there will come a time when they will be our new way of interacting with technology, they will be our everyday.

So as I walked past several clothing stores, I thought about that email we get after adding something to our cart and then abandoning it. And I imagined that just as now they know our location through the GPS on our phone, in the future they could use that information not only to advertise as we pass by their establishment, but they could also go a step further and try to get us to enter and buy that thing we were looking at a few days ago on their app.

I will be improving the concept too. I’m not happy with the UI I created and I don’t think that would be the interaction flow at all, but it’s a good start.