NFT landing page

A space-themed landing page to promote a NFT charity auction.

📍 Context

Between August 29 and August 31, to celebrate BeInCrypto’s third anniversary, we launched a collection of 9 NFTs in OpenSea in collaboration with Exquisite Workers to benefit the Open Earth Foundation. Find more information about the event at this link.

The story behind the collective of artists that we collaborated with, Since Exquisite workers, is that they are traveling across our galaxy stopping at each planet and doing beautiful exquisite corpses at each planet (visit their website for more info), so when we proposed them to stop at our planet they loved the idea! Therefore, our landing art direction should be space-themed and include BeInCrypto’s branding in order to align with both brands.

As an added bonus, this was also my first project as Design Lead at BeInCrypto, so it was my onboarding project!

✍️ First sketches

To start promoting our landing as soon as possible, we decided to start the project with a pre-landing page that would include a countdown to the event. We would also make use of this page to include information about the auction and collaborators.

Here you can see some sketches that I draw in Procreate in order to pitch the concept:

The idea was to represent each one of the collaborators as visual elements instead of plain logos, so the user could interact with them.

If we locate this auction in the space, therefore our artworks would be floating! (I mean, in this fictional BeInCrypto planet gravity is different, because why not!)

The idea was to have a one-page landing page that included all the information.

Not only information about the project, but we would also need some e-commerce alike cards with info about the artworks, such as title, name of artist and bio, description, buy CTA, etc.

🎨 Working on the UI

Following my quick sketches and after a few refinement sessions with the stakeholders and collaborators, Yan Serabranski, our amazing UI designer converted them into appealing interfaces.

Here’s the final result for the pre-landing:

And the landing:

There’s a lot more info to add about the project and the process, I will be updating this page soon!